500+ students

Aesthetix Education has trained more than 500 dentists in the last decade.

11+ years of teaching

The implant course has matured and come a long way since 2003, always staying ahead of the curve and keeping up with the latest advances and techniques in dentistry.

Global student community

Dr. Suvarna Nene has conducted implant courses and workshops extensively across India, Nepal and Vietnam with a network of students spanning across all continents.

Blended learning

By combining traditional learning methods with new-age online learning tools, our course offers the best of both worlds. Online theory lectures and discussion forums allow students to learn at their own pace while hands-on sessions offer one-on-one interaction with tutors.

Live patient cases

Students learn case-selection and treatment planning thoroughly and are encouraged to select their own cases and complete the treatment plan. Once the cases are accepted, students present their cases before the surgery and actual placement of implant. In case of difficulty in finding their own patient, the learning center arranges patients ideal for the beginner.

In-house lab

Students can observe and learn the lab procedures needed for ideal implant prosthesis. Mastering the prosthetic phase is just as important as the surgical phase. Due to a lack of interaction between lab technicians and surgeons, prostheis is often compromised in quality. For a successful long-term functional implant, understanding lab procedures is crucial.

Exposure to advanced surgeries

Students can view live demonstration and pre-recorded surgery videos of advanced surgical procedures such as autogenous bone-graft, direct and indirect sinus lift surgeries, soft-tissue surgeries.

Collateral learning

We often arrange short on-demand courses for our alumni on a variety of topics such as: surgical removal of impacted teeth, periodontal surgical procedures, full-mouth rehabilitation with detailed occlusal schemes, semi adjustable articulators with face-bow records and digital documentation of the patient treatment using extra-oral camera.

  • For me, you are the godmother of Implantology in India and I was fortunate to have received training in basic and advanced Implantology from your learning center and the implant course.- Dr. Gurpreet Singh, Chandigarh
  • Dr. Suvarna Nene always strives to make sure that students understand the vast science that implantology is. Her enthusiasm and inspiring guidance at the course is infectious and worth mentioning. Her untiring efforts, dedication and in depth knowledge has helped me evolve into a better clinician.- Dr. Kamal Kiswani, Pune
  • I am truly grateful that you share your wealth of knowledge in implantology so generously with us. I strongly recommend your implant course for beginners and seasoned implantologists alike.- Dr. Digant Chudgar, Mumbai
  • The implant training program helped me immensely to understand this fascinating subject and apply my knowledge clinically with great ease. It helped me achieve great results in my practice along with patient satisfaction.- Dr. Rajesh Ahal, Jammu
  • The implant course and training gave me the necessary skills and surgical knowledge for practicing implant dentistry in a very methodical way. The emphasis on basics of implant dentistry was much appreciated, which often gets ignored especially if you are a beginner. Lastly, the course was well organised and coordinated by the excellent support staff and other team members.- Dr. Tarun Nagrani, New South Wales, Australia
  • The Prime Implant Course puts forth the fundamentals of implant dentistry in a logical and precise manner. The online availability of the lecture series makes it useful to always revise and revisit your theory.- Dr. Aditi Lele, Mumbai